90% Of Breaches Start With Phishing Email

Phishing attacks are becoming more sophisticated and a determined attacker is one email away from taking control of your employee machine. However good your email security system is, adversaries can always get around it. Even seasoned security professionals get tricked when not vigilent. So it is very important to make sure your employees are constantly trained to spot a phishing email and not fall prey to an attacker. At SpellSecurity, we recognize this as a severe risk and have uses our experience from the front lines to build a highly scalable and futuristic phishing simulation and training platform.

SpellPhish Features At a Glance

On Premise Solution
Enterprise License
Advanced Workflows
Intel Based Content
Heirarchical Console
AD Integration
Mailbox Integration
Multiple SMTP Profiles
Employee Rewards
Custom Reporting
Powerful Targeting
Custom Training

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