Are You Really Secure With All The Security Products You Have Acquired ?

SpellBreach allows you to test your organization's security stack as well as individual controls for latest attack techniques. Continuous proactive visibility into true state of security helps you plan for defenses in an optimal way. It also reduces your dependency on frequent manual red team drills and gives significant cost savings.

SpellBreach Features At a Glance

On Premise Or Cloud Deployment
Unlimited Server And Agent Sensor Groups
APT Actors And Mitre ATT&CK Simulation
Inbound - Email, Gateway, End Point Tests
Lateral - Lateral movement And APT Chain Tests
Outbound - DLP And C&C Tests
User - Phishing Lure Tests
Applications - WAF Tests
Interactive RedTeam Testing Capability
Predefined and Custom Reporting
Safe Samples Crafted By Our Research Team
Periodic Spell360 Manual Audit Included

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