The Problem Of Diminishing Returns In Security Investments

Enterprises are spending more and more for their InfoSec operations and still getting breached. At SpellSecurity we have built a ground up platform that helps organizations continuously measure true risks to different aspects, ability to target those risks with greater understanding and defend against most advanced threats. This is all done with the goal of reducing operational costs by over 60%.

Hidden Threats




User Risks


Looming Risks


Skill-Gap Risks


Historical Risks


SpellSecurity Difference

Innovation Meets Value

Built For Large Enterprises

Our platform and products are built for largest of enterprises with highly distributed architecture. We provide immense cost savings to enterprises.

World Class Threat Research

Our team comes with decades of Silicon Valley security innovation background. We have significant investments in advanced threat research.

Advanced Service Offerings

We use our platform to offer advanced breach investigation, audit and MDR++ services to our customers.