IT And Threat Evolution Have Left Traditional EDR Technology Behind

Endpoints and workloads are fast changing with public cloud and OT coming into the enterprise. Also is the need for hybrid agent and agentless detection technologies. SpellSecurity Multi-Vector correlated detection and response platform is a revolutionary new approach.

On Premise Or Cloud Deployment
Agent or Agentless Host Profiling
Out of the Box Flight Recorder
File Integrity Monitoring
Anomaly and Behavior Detection
Mitre ATT&CK Based Detection
Ephimeral Cloud Instance Monitoring
Nextgen Zero Day Detection For Windows
Security Baseline Monitoring
Golden Image Baselining
SIEM Based Playbook Automation
Response Includes Quarantining Host
Adhoc Queries And Enterprise Searches
Predefined Hunting Query Packs
File Acquisiton and Investigation
Historical Data Visualization
Rule Based Alert Integration
Yara based Threat Hunting

SpellSecurity Difference

Innovation Meets Value

Built For Enterprises & MDRs

Our platform and products are built for largest of enterprises and MDRs. We provide immense cost savings.

World Class Threat Research

Our team comes with decades of Silicon Valley security innovation background. We have significant investments in advanced threat research.

Advanced Service Offerings

We use our platform to offer advanced breach investigation, audit and MDR++ services to our customers.